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Deadly Crimson

Deadly Crimson is a captivating comic book series centered around a skilled and fearless agent named Crimson. When she defies her merciless boss, Cole PryuCrimson's double life unravels, and her family becomes entangled in a web of danger. To save her loved ones, she embarks on a high-stakes mission that will test her limits and challenge her alliances.

Written and produced by Melissa LeEllen in partnership with Creative Global Entertainment, Deadly Crimson offers a thrilling narrative packed with action, suspense, and the captivating exploration of one woman's quest to protect her family at all costs.


All Proceeds of these products goes to support the Deadly Crimson Project created by Melissa LeEllen Biondi. This project is 100% funded through Kick Starter, partners, Creative Global Branding, Melissa LeEllen Biondi and her family. Issue #2 currently in post production and the final expenses remain about $2,000. Proceeds of these sales will go towards the remaining expenses of the comic book! Thank you! 

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The Creatives

It takes so many to create a comic book series! And here is the shout outs from the artists, writers, copy editors, production team and more! Thank you for being part of the Deadly Crimson comic book series! I can't wait for more to come!

Help This Project Grow

Keep art alive and help support the Deadly Crimson comic book series. 

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What's Next?

Issue #1 is now officially sold out. We're thrilled to announce that Issue #1 will be reprinted, featuring an updated cover design.

Issue #2 is on the cusp of completion, with funding nearly secured. To help push Issue #2 across the finish line and into the hands of eager fans, we encourage you to explore our range of products and show your support by making a purchase.

Your contributions will play a crucial role in bringing Issue #2 to fruition and continuing the exhilarating journey of the Deadly Crimson series. Thank you for your continued enthusiasm and commitment to our project!

Never Before Seen Pages

Coming Soon!

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